Use of Cookies

The following types of cookies are used on this website:

Time limited cookies

  • Google Analytics is used to gather statistics on website usage. Sobi does not use cookies to identify you, or for any other purposes than those described in this Use of Cookies section.
  • A cookie is used for the cookie bar; this cookie remembers the visitor's setting.


Type of cookie Description of cookie Time stored
Google Analytics; third party cookies to enable the use of statistics

The following Google Analytics cookies are used:

_ga: Used to distinguish unique visitors (a unique code is stored per web browser)

_gat: Used to throttle request rate


2 years


10 minutes

PXA_COOKIE_BAR Remembers visitor's activity to close the cookie bar. 100 days



Session cookies

  • The selection "I'm a Healthcare Professional" on the landing page of the website is stored as a value in the session memory for the active session. This value is removed once the visitor closes the browser.
  • Session cookies (cookies that are temporary and used to enhance the use of the website) are not used on this website.